Covid-19 Statement

We are delighted to welcome you all to the Clonakilty Park Adventure Centre. Be assured that we are constantly reviewing Covid19 Government Guidelines. You and our staff’s health and safety are very important to us.

We rely on you to protect yourself too:

  • Practicing the highest safety standards without compromise.
  • Sanitise your hands often and avoid touching your face.
  • Maintain your distance from others.
  • Carrying out cough etiquette by covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching surfaces.
  • If you or a member of your family is unwell or showing a symptom of Covid 19 please let us know and we will reschedule your group for another day.
  • If anyone arrives at the Adventure Centre feeling unwell, we will ask everyone in the group to return home.

Our Staff

  • Before re-starting work, all our staff have completed online Covid Training, which includes symptoms of Covid, how to wash your hands, how to sanitise, social distancing and how to prevent the spread of Covid19.
  • An Induction Training has been completed by every member of staff. This includes our new procedures and precautions, as well as cleaning regimes and equipment cleaning and monitoring.
  • Staff will be wearing full face-visors where social distancing cannot be maintained, for example, during harnessing, for their protection and yours.

Book On-Line

To avoid unnecessary contact at the cinema and ensure your preferred booking time, we ask that you book online before arriving. To help us to manage social distancing, we would ask that you only book for your own ‘family group’ and not on behalf of other people who you will be social distancing from.

Disclaimers / Waivers

There are big changes to how we use paper now. To avoid unnecessary contact, you will receive a waiver when you make a booking with us via email. This can be completed and signed by you or a parent/guardian for under 16’s. PLEASE NOTE: PARENTS/GUARDIANS OF CHILDREN TO SIGN ON THEIR BEHALF, EVEN IF THE PARENTS ARE NOT ATTENDING ON THE DAY. You can send on the email to everyone in your group and ask them to sign. The waivers can be sent back by email or you can bring these with you on the day and this will reduce the time needed to check in.

Changes to Bookings

If you need to make a change – e.g. add a person or change an age, please do this by phone or email before arrival. If you or a member of your family need to re-schedule due to feeling unwell, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


We recommend if you wish to use gloves that you bring your own gloves (not latex or fingerless, or padded) Gardening gloves, cycling gloves or even woolly gloves are acceptable. These should be sanitised before you use the course and before and after each of the activities. E.g. after you use the high ropes and before using the climbing walls.

What to Bring

We recommend bringing your own small sanitiser bottle, safely secured in a zipped pocket. We do have sanitising stations around the centre, but it is always good to have one to hand. If you would like to wear a face covering, please bring it along. Face coverings are optional but we will not allow scarves as this is a safety hazard. We are constantly monitoring the government developments regarding masks.

Arriving at Clonakilty Park Adventure Centre

  • We will not be accepting any customer belongings into the cabin or cinema, for the protection of our staff. Please only bring what you can fit in a zipped pocket – keys, credit card, mobile phone and small sanitiser.
  • ONE PERSON ONLY from each group should approach the cinema to check-in. Adhere to all signs and directions from staff members to ensure social distancing. Everyone else should make their way to the cabin area until they are called for harnessing.
  • The staff member at the check-in area at the cinema will be behind a Perspex screen. If you wish to purchase anything (drinks, snacks) please use contact-less payment, if possible.
  • If for any reason, you are required to complete a paper waiver, we will make this available to you. Please sanitise before and after signing.
  • Please do not bring additional non-participating guests into the Adventure Centre – only required supervisors should stay on site.


You will be called for harnessing when it is your time for the safety brief which will be in a small, socially distanced group. Our instructors will be wearing a full face visor or face mask, at moments when they cannot social distance. Family units or anyone that has travelled together can stand together. Our harnesses are used only once a day for each customer. We have sanitising stations at the starts and ask that customer sanitise their hands (with gloves on) before starting each circuit. This is to minimise any chance of contamination on the equipment. We do not use disinfectant on our harnesses as this degrades the safety.

De-Harnessing and Breaks

If you need the bathroom or to stop for a break, or when you have finished, please contact a member of staff who will come to assist you. Do not take off your harness without an Instructor present.

Social Distancing

We ask that you follow the floor markings on the decking when approaching the cabin or harness area. Whilst on the ground, please keep social distance of 2 metres between other people. Only one person per platform is allowed and one person per activity (previously we allowed 2 people per platform). This does not apply to family groups or those who travelled together.


A regular cleaning routine has been fully structured throughout the day for around the cabin area. Toilets will be cleaned frequently and door handles wiped. Sanitising stations will be checked for levels but please don’t hesitate to let a member of staff know if they are nearing empty.

Hand Hygiene

We have sanitising stations at the cabin, at the harnessing area and at the starts of circuits. All our staff have been trained in Covid Hygiene Procedures and sanitise between customers at harnessing area and around cabin area.

We welcome your feedback and we appreciate your cooperation as we reopen. Thank you and we are so happy to have you experience the Clonakilty Park Adventure Centre.

Clonakilty Park Adventure Centre, Park Road, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland.
t: +353 (0)23 883 4141 | e: [email protected]